She lashed gracefully upon the shore,

as she had done every day,

So pleasant, so faithful so agile,

day after day after day.


Her curves gave a merry twist,

as she grove flamboyantly.

The sun shone on her cresent,

throwing light upon her wrists,

shimmering ever so nonchalantly,

in harmonious bliss.


She he was always so delightful, so inviting, so frey,

millions loved her company, without a thought of dismay.

But did she enjoy theirs? Nobody ever did ask.

Was it just a facade?

“Regardless”, they averred, it wouldn’t last.


One day she grew tired of this pretentious fast,

stiffened up a grin and threw them something she was sure would last .


Rode upon the ambiguous shore,

the King wave with his helsmen and all his Knights,

and swallowed up the land and everything that fell in short of his sight.

“That should be enough”, she gnawed in spite,

to give these ungrateful souls a gala fright.


Fright was was what she desired and fright was what she got,

children, lovers, buildings, cars,

all did drown in the never ending froth.

Tyranny, hatred, terror did seep,

while of ambush and satisfaction did she reek,

never again did they doubt the power of her soul,

for deep down she was a multitude of force untold.

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