There is beauty in the unknown,

Not knowing where you’re heading but going that way all the same.

A certain magic lies in the word instances,
Those moments where words are nothing but water droplets on a glass, trickling beyond incapsulation.
There is something genuinely intriguing about a sky full of clouds,
Those few seconds where there is no visible sun or moon and all you see are insipid clouds,
That split second where for a moment the heavens are desolate and all that is visible to us is the dust left by the mighty footsteps of the gods.
There is something unusually fascinating about staring into an empty well – someday it must have been filled with gallons of water that must have served as livelihood to a million creatures and maybe someday it will be filled with water again. But right now, in this very moment, it is empty.
There’s a certain individuality in being hollow, in being nothing. Those are the few instances in life where the future is not known to you and fate interests you no more. The instances from where the term ‘fear of the unknown’ initiated.
But these are not instances to be dreaded, these are instances that need to be embraced.
Don’t fear about being a water droplet trickling down the glass, you will be a puddle soon.
Don’t worry yourself about not seeing the sun, appreciate how the clouds give you shade and breeze. You will always see the sun again. It’s absence is almost as valuable as it’s presence, if only you look deep enough to realise.
Don’t be afraid of being an empty well, you will be filled in time.
A wise man once said, “Fearing the unknown is like walking the streets with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.”
There will always be a final outcome, an ultimate known. But what is there to look for if everything is known?
Embrace nothing, embrace your hollow self while it’s still there. These are the moments in life which will flash you by.
The few moments where you are unknown and these very moments are where you find purpose, where you find yourself.
So meet me at the crack of dawn where there is nothing but a hazy streak of gold in the sky, where there is no sun and no moon, where for a few seconds everything is just plain and desolate and nothing, and then it’s gone.
Come see me when I’m barren, when I have no purpose and I’m empty.
I don’t expect you to fill me, I’m not a being who wants to be filled.
Come be nothing with me.

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